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Outlaw Pro Baits

Why Anglers Choose Outlaw Pro Boilies:

The ultimate burst of flavour in six exciting varieties

Make an impact with shelf-life boilies

Maintain maximum freshness with the Outlaw Pro bucket

Available in 12, 15, 18 and 22mm sizes

Maximise Your Catch With Outlaw Pro Carp Boilies

These Outlaw Pro shelf-life boilies have been specifically designed to offer the modern-day angler a high-quality and nutritious bait at a fair price. Packed full of flavour and available in sizes 12, 15, 18 and 22mm there’s something in this range of boilies to suit every fishing situation. Whether that’s a short session on a day ticket fishery or a week-long session in Europe, these carp boilies are packed full of flavour to give you the best catch results. Packaged in the new Outlaw Pro buckets in various sizes (1 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg), to maintain freshness and encourage customers to re-use their bucket again and again. The neat 1kg bucket is perfect for stowing in a bag or the back of your car for those opportunist sessions.

The Ultimate Burst Of Flavour With Outlaw Pro Boilies

Our boilies come in six powerful flavours, allowing you to have maximum impact as you cast into the water. With popular flavours such as Banoffee and Krilla, as well as flavours such as Attract Natural that are entirely exclusive to us here at Outlaw Pro, you can pick and choose a flavour combination that works for you, regardless of where and how you like to fish. Each of these flavours is also available in our glugs, dips and sprays, allowing you to add even more flavour, should you decide to. The six different flavours available are:



Squid & Octopus

Raspberry Rush

Attract Natural

Plum and Mulberry

Keeping Your Carp Boilies Fresher For Longer

Here at Outlaw Pro, we understand the importance of keeping your boilies as fresh as possible for a prolonged period. As a result, we have designed the perfect re-sealable bucket for our shelf-life carp boilies to ensure your carp boilies remain fresher for longer. Whether you are keeping the shelf-life boilies in the van for your next trip or keeping them in the bait room, you can keep them for an extended period without them spoiling.

Re-Use And Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Over the years anglers have continued to do their part to protect the waters and the fish that they are catching by reducing their carbon footprint. However, with a huge number of companies still using single-use plastic for the storage of their baits, there is a growing need for environmentally friendly packaging that you can use again and again when on the bank. With our new and improved bait range, we have achieved exactly that. With 1kg 3kg and 5kg buckets, you can not only guarantee the freshness of your bait, but you can re-use and refill time and time again.

Not only do you get the perfect sized bucket when purchasing from us, but you can also refill your bucket both online and in-store whenever you feel like it. To further help reduce your waste each of the bait refills is sent out in a biodegradable plastic bag to preserve freshness and reduce waste making our bait better for both your fishing and the environment

For more information, please call us on 07765 968976